Saturday, December 5, 2009

White Wedding

Today, I am heading out to my fiance's father's third wedding-- a casual affair in his living room, so I decided to go with my new white, Snow Me White (Sinful Colors) for the event.

It's a creamy fluid formula that goes on like wet paint is just about as controllable, but I think I am just about ok with it, after three coats and a lot of cleanup (it could still use some).

But with the wedding comes the gifting of my old faithful camera to his dad and with it (hopefully with practice) the blurry pics.

These are with the new camera, and as a bonus: The first pics of my baby Izzy with the new camera. (oh Ya, and the BF too)

Back to snow me white-- I definitely was not going to recommend it, but after a lot of hard work, I think it makes for an interesting all-white mani, which is definitely something unique and worth the $1.88. But if you want it for design or for tips, I wouldn't go there even on the cheap.


Arie said...
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gildedangel said...

That is a lovely color on you!

Sandy said...

I can't paint my own nails, they never look nice when I try.

Treat myself to a manicure once in awhile for special occasions.


Lucy said...

Three weddings! Have a nice time.