Monday, December 7, 2009

Lay It on Me!

I got the most wonderful surprise today at work. One of my favorite people there gave me to contributions to my blog and my journey. And, there's nothing like new polish to make a Monday better.

The two polishes are called Lay It on Me! and they do not have name colors, but they do have a note on them each to not shake and to leave the bottles alone except for dipping, brushing and polishing. The idea is that the combination of three or more colors wil combine in a unique way on the brush and create a unique nail on the nail.

I've seen these before and never had the guts to pick them up, so I was so excited to receive them this morning. The OCD in me wants so badly to mix them up so they are one even color, but after testing the polishes on my lunch break, (over the white polish which was well ready to come off) I am glad I didn't because they were awesome.

The polish itself was a nice weight and easy to control, though the first layer was streaky. Though it was easily evened out and pretty by the second coat. It's disappointing because if you get a neat tie-dye look you have to cover it up.

Alone, the polishes create a creamy/candy coating finish, which makes them look like M&Ms and is very cool, but I found that with a clear coat on one and two on the other, the colors are brought out more.

The first bottle I tried had layers of purple black and a mint/aquamarine green. I had no idea what would come out, but it happened to be a lovely purple-brown that reminded me of the cherry tobacco color floating around, but without the sparkles and more grape tobacco or a cigar box. It actually is very cool.

The other shade in the bottle was a teal, blue, pink sparkle red and bright pink, and it came out on the fingers like an ocean. I would almost describe it as a duochrome without the chrome. It combined all my favorite colors on the nail, and was extremely hard to photograph, but reminded my of my favorite blanket, which my mom made me to remind me of stormy weather (my favorite!)

So, have you seen these? Have you had the guts?


Lucy said...

I have one bottle that I just got. I hope the shade is pretty. Those turned out to be lovely colors.