Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sunset Prisms

(Just put this on so ignore the mess, it will be clean I promise, but they just got dry enough to type)

I know it seems odd at this time of year to be sporting a color called Sunset Prisms (Maybelline Express Finish 330) but I have a black-tie event coming up at work Thursday and wanted to test it out for a dress I am going to be wearing. This is one of the few colors I found in my bathroom closet. I don't know quite where it came from or what I wore it with last time. But I am glad I found it.

This is about three to four coats. I am not sure because I just kept going. It dries super fast but not fast enough to ruin it so I just did one hand then another, went back to the first, and I continued the cycle.

I am happy with how it came out-- a corally orange color with a lot of shine. In fact, I was thinking about adding a top coat, but I don't think I need to with this one.

The Dress:

I think this will go nicely with the dress, but I'll let you know. I think it's a pretty cool color.

Have you seen anything like it? Seriously, If you have, I would like to know because I think it would be cool in a creme color.


Sandy said...

It looks very summery, normally I think people go for darker shades in cold weather and lighter colors in warmer weather; but if you're wearing black it would indeed show up.

Having some fun doing some blog walking, wanted to find some fellow Ohioans.

Hope you have a grand time at your event, and do swing by for a visit.


gildedangel said...

That is a really neat color!

Mary Beth said...

I will post the dress in a second!

Lucy said...

That will go perfectly with the dress. Very pretty.

Mighty Lambchop said...

That is a gorgeous color and the dress is snazzy! I like breaking up wearing dark colors in winter with shades like this. Then again, I don't see sun a whole lot in winter!

Nakesha said...

Love the color and the dress. I'll bring you my wrap tomorrow. Now to go try on my dress and find some nail color of my own.....

Aurora's Nails said...

Nails look great and that dress is AMAZING!