Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hurt Jaw Haul

One good thing to come out of a hurt jaw, was this new nail haul-- bringing the total to 9 polishes, though I don't know how happy I am with these. If you have any please let me know.

I went to Meijer Pharmacy to get my scrip filled, and they have a deal wherein if you use the pharmacy and have the right coupon, you get $20 of any purchase (it can even be $20) of health care, beauty of groceries. Because this is the second time this week I've been to the pharmacy, and I am already overloaded on food from the last trip +weekly groceries, I decided to treat myself to some cheering up.

First, I picked out four new Sinful Colors, but I backtracked when I saw Sally Hansen's holiday "Nail Glam Salon" with "5 Amazing Nail Essentials" for $4.99. Fearing not having a white, I bought one Sinful Colors (Snow Me White) and decided it would be fun to do a grab bag.

The kit promised three random nail colors, a nail treatment and a manicure tool. Oddly enough, I was just hoping for a file, so I was happy there. And I am lacking a top or a base coat at the moment, so I was thrilled with getting Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening base and top coat, though I don't yet know how it works.

The three random polishes that came were:

1.) Sally Hansen Star Opal Nail Glaze in Violet Opal-- I had a fire opal one in years past that I liked, but this one seems a bit sheer and tame for me;

2.) Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer in Sheer Pressure, which seems to be a pearl sheer; and

3.) Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer in Poppy Love for the third. Now, first off, I am not a huge fan of reds, but if I find the right one(s) I will rock it. I love poppies so we will see on this one.

I am still not feeling well, and it drives a reporter (at least this one) crazy when she cannot talk. (I've been ordered off the verbal word for 2 days). But, I wanted to share the haul.

I will begin swatches tomorrow if I feel up to it tonight, but for now, do y'all think this was worth $5? Will you be hunting it?


Lucy said...

What happened to your jaw? So sorry and hope your feeling better. I bought one of those kits also. There were some nice colors. I was wondering if there were different colors in each kit?