Saturday, December 19, 2009

Silver and Gold

Well, the 10-day challenge is over. Finally! It really only lasted a few days, but the 10-day color was amazing, it just bonded to my nails. I am the one who ruined it, and I got bored. And, I had four straight Christmas parties and couldn't quite go with Wineberry for the festivities.

So first, I tried this Creative Nail Design Silver Anniversary, which I got at Ulta for $2 on clearance. I thought it would give me a chance to keep the wineberry, but nah!

Just in case though, I bought Ulta Gold Digger for $5, and did this silver and gold mani, alternating nails in silver and gold.

It only took two coats of the silver for complete opaque, and it came out nice and shimmery. The funny thing is, after sleeping the night I put this on, the sheet wear made it look like tin foil, and it was really cool and looked like silverleaf nails, but stayed super glittery.

The gold digger surprised me. It took four coats for opaque, and I realized as I was appyling it that it would be great for layering, but not so much on its own. After sleep however, it looked amazing. It held up to the sheets despite the number of layers and showed no markage whatsoever.

It feels so good to blog again. The Christmas season is taking its toll, and work is getting worse. I know I am not happy, but I can feel that this helps, so I am pretty excited about that.

On a bright note, the holiday hauls are starting to come in, so I will post so pics later today. I hope you'll be as thrilled with them as I am. I thought about swatching them all in one day, but I decided I would much rather follow my original mission with a new color and a new experience every day. But, you'll at least get a sneak peek soon!


gildedangel said...

Ooo, love this! Oh, and I sent your package on Thursday; lemme know when you get it! :)