Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Book-Inspired Mani

I just got done reading a great book about selkies, kelpies, vampires and all kinds of fun stuff. But I was so inspired by the cover, I though I would try my new OPI INK to celebrate.

This is a shade I think would look great matte, but it's meant to be shiny. It looks just like the ink in a ballpoint pin if it leaks or explodes. It's a beautiful mixture of blue, black, and purple. Everyone at work said it looks just like the real thing.

What do you think? I know it's hard to photograph, but trust me it's beautiful just like the book, which is called Tempest Rising if anyone is interested.


Marce said...

Nice colour! I hadn't heard of the book, I'll give it a look.

gildedangel said...

Beautiful color!

Georgia said...

Gorgeous nails - must find that colour! And believe me, the book ROCKS!