Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Good Beauty Deals you Can't Pass

I have some good news for y'all! There are some amazing deals on the internet right now, and if you have the spare change, you should definitely partake.

1.) Ulta is offering a free 15-piece set with any purchase of Ulta products. The set includes two nail polishes, a blush, a bronzer, two eyeshadow quads, a lipstick, a lip gloss duo, a mirror, a cosmetic case, a dual-ended eye liner and a four-piece brush set. To qualify, you only need to spend 17.50, which is less than the cost of three eyeshadows ($21, $7 each) or many other fabulous items.

The set comes in Tiger Lily (warm), Peonies (cool) and orchids (spring trend colors) I went for the spring trends.

I don't know what prompted the deal, but it is by far the best out there right now, and now that I've secured mine, I had to share. The deal is good through Feb. 20 or until supplies last.

2.) The other hot deal is Zoya's New York Fashion Week celebration, in which you get two free full-size nail polishes with any $10 purchase. If you buy two polishes ($14, or $7 each) you can get two more free. Use this as a chance to get the Reverie collection on the cheap. The code is NYFW, and $14 will come off your total once you go through the checkout process. The deal is good through Friday.

Let me know if you have tried or are planning on trying out either deal. I am still toying with the Zoya deal. (I don't know what I would get)

What are your favorite Zoyas (No MORE Greens, I have plenty Zoya greens thanks to Green Friday)


Jean said...

I definitely already took advantage of the Zoya sale, haha. I got a new bottle of basecoat, Gwin, Akyra, and Anastasia. I've been wanting Akyra for quite some time, and Gwin is the only one out of the Reverie collection that really interested me. I got Anastasia as a gift for my mom, though I know I'll probably use it, too, haha.

I haven't tried very many Zoyas, but I do love Richelle. It's a great true gold.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't know about it! I might have to use it for some more Zoya polishes *laugh*

I love Loredana, the matte grey, and Pinta a lot.