Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ok 4 Work

So the first week of work was AWESOME. I actually got promoted on Friday and am officially a salaried member of the team! (sorry for lack of posting, I was adjusting to a new schedule)

But for the past week I got to do my job, which is writing and promoting, marketing and PR, and I also got to play receptionist, because the normal receptionist was out. So for inspiration, I wore a lot of Mad Men inspired fashion. It was super cute. I also wanted to show my nail personality but not go too far in the first week.

So I went with this nice navy, which is also pretty awesome, but can look muted against the right greys.

So for your enjoyment, OPI Yoga Ta Get this Blue-- my first week at work color of choice. Next week is going to start out a little more extreme, with a V-Day mani.


Cyan said...

I'd love to work somewhere I could wear this color. Lovely blue and lovely nails. Thanks for the pics.

gildedangel said...

That is a perfect color for work, congrats on the job!