Saturday, February 13, 2010

RED, white and Absolutely Alice

So in honor of my favorite time of the biennium-- OLYMPICS. I have some colors/ NOTDs from the last few days to share for you.

First are some Valentine's Day Reds-- The first is A Flirt! Red I got in a set for Xmas. I love it, actually. It is a red creme that is a pure Valentine's Red... But it didn't wear so hot. It was cute, but started to wear down after 30 hours or so.

It was a beautiful color though, and one coat did it!


Next was Thanks So Muchness, which I am actually wearing today, thanks to a wonderful gift from my best friend on Friday. This was the mini I was least looking forward to trying of the Alice OPI collection. (which isn't saying much, because I love them all)  But it came out really nice after two coats, but was a little messy with the mini bottle and brush.

Take a PEEK:

All right-- the white is obviously my transparently fair skin, and for the blue-- I couldn't resist the color I was looking forward to the most from Alice OPI -- ALICE!!!!
I had to fit it on my toes, because I am keeping the cleaned up Thanks So Muchness for Valentine's

My Mom actually painted my toes as a treat today, and I was Uber Pleased with the color-- It is everything I hoped and everything you'all want it to be if you haven't tried it-- Now let's just see if it holds up on the tipsies, because that's the only complaint I have heard-- Still, even if it only lasted 3 minutes, this color is totally worth every second.


gildedangel said...

Ooo, I love AA on your toes!

Nakesha said...

Love it! I can't wait to try this one for myself.