Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tangy Slime?

The second green is another Zoya, and if I could dislike a color as much as I liked Envy, this would be it.

Tangy is a holometallic that flashes orange, and is nice and citrusy. I found it went on a little goopier and took a little bit longer to dry than Envy.

I did get lots of compliments on it today at work though. People said the enjoyed it, called it flashy, and my one friend called it dragon scale-esque, which made me like it a little more.

I guess all greens cannot be the same, and if they were I wouldn't want them, but this one just reminded me of Ghostbusters slime, or like I dipped my fingers in that ooze from Roger Rabbit or the toxic waste from Ninja Turtles...

What do you think?


Jean said...

I got this one two, and I just wasn't feeling it. Definitely not my color. I gave it to my friend, though, and she loved it. To each their own, really.

gildedangel said...

It's an interesting color at least!