Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dream Catcher and Bargain Buys = Happy Day 4 Me

Today I went on a journey to use my little spending cash to buy as much happiness as I could.

First I put on my last bargain purchase: Nicole by OPI Dreamcatcher which I picked up for $3 at TJ Maxx.
The formula was really easy to apply and very buildable. I could have left it alone at two or three coats. The top two photos are with 4 coats though, but it wasn't too thick. Still, a hot shower caused some weirdness on the middle finger so I added a 5th coat and Seche Vite. It still doesn't feel too thick, and it is a beautiful color. I actually almost picked up CG Dreamsicle at Sally's on clearance for $1.99 but I thought it was too close.

Then, throughout the day I picked up the polishes below for a bargain, and one at regular price:

From Left: Orly Enchanted Forest and Prisma Gloss Gold for $1.99 for the pair at Sally;
Next stop was Icing's clearance racks where I picked up neons Lucky Luis and Call Girl for $2 each,
and the only one I paid the full $4.45 for was China Glaze Shower Together, because I was on a mission for blue and this one won out.

I also stopped by Ulta and found Essie Lollipop, Mint Candy Apple, OPI Ginger Bells, and tons of holiday awesomeness, but I resisted. I am still technically without job. Sally also had Emerald Sparkle on Sale for $1.99. So if you are out hunting, now's the time.

Not bad for one day and less than $10 total, and it worked to cheer me up. Two-week notice was supposed to end Thursday, but I got let go yesterday (still getting paid through Thursday) so I needed some cheering up. I wasn't upset about the situation, more so the douchiness of my (now former) boss:


When I had put in my two-week notice, he gave me a list of 15 stories to write before I left. Although it was way too many and some of the articles were pointless and/or stupid, I was making progress, but when he asked me to stay late to finish 5 of them Monday, I said no. I knew he was using me to get as much done as I could before leaving, and he's the one who pressured me into quitting anyway. So when I told him no, he said I had to stay late. I said I would get as much done before 5:00 as I could but I was going to leave on the dot, and I guess he couldn't stand the fact that I finally stood up for myself, because he asked for my keys right then. To top it off, he then asked me to stay until 5 anyway and finish as much as I could. I said no way and deleted my notes and left.

Yay for me!

Boo for sexist bosses!


gildedangel said...

Great haul, don't you love a good deal?

Mighty Lambchop said...

Nice haul, glad it lifted your spirits!

Good for you for being assertive! That guy sounds like a major douche and you are so much better off without that job.
I will be keeping good thoughts for you and hope you find a job you love!