Thursday, January 28, 2010

Call Girl

If I was a call girl, I would probably wear a deep vampy red on my nails, but apparently Icing seems to think a bright Barbie pink is fit for the character.

Icing's Call Girl was found snuggly in the store's clearance rack. If I had known then that $2 would buy me this much of a smile, I would have cleaned out the rack.

This was my first Icing polish, but I will definitely be back. It was bright and opaque in two coats. It applied evenly and smoothly, and did not cause any messiness for me, which is hard... if a polish can stay under control in my wonky hands, then I am up for more ... much more.

The only problem was the shower together blue that wouldn't free itself from my nail bed edges. So, I decided to experiment to see what Orly Prima Gloss Gold, from Sally's clearance rack.

I like this a lot because based on how much I shake the bottle, I can make it more or less glittery. It's like a little dusting of pixie powder, but it maintains the color underneath and doesn't change it... awesome.

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gildedangel said...

That is a gorgeous pink!

Kirsten said...

I agree, call girls wear bright red.
I don't get these type of names anyway. Why would I want to look like a call girl? At what point did some employee from Icing go "hmmm, what do girls what... what speaks to them... oh I got it! All girls are sluts! Let put that on the bottle and we are sure to sell a bundle!"