Wednesday, January 6, 2010


All right, so Irene started the day as my second favorite to Envy, but as the day went on, I loved it more and more and I think I can confidently say they are now tied. I wouldn't put one over the other, because it would be like apples and oranges, or in this case Ireland vs. magic. You cannot choose one over the other.

Everytime I looked down at this I was reminded of Ireland. I thought first that it was like chic army green, which I would still say could be true, but the more I loved it, the more I wondered why, and then poof! Ireland. Irene. Ireland. Aaah! I get it.

Its a beautiful/satin metallic kelly green golor that would look great with Notre Dame green uniforms.

The application was smooth. It cleaned up well, and I am definitely putting this in the favorites pile.

Verdicts so far:


Tangy= no

Irene= yes. Definitely a St. Patty's green.

What do you think