Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Love You Not

This was probably one of the most difficult colors (of the now 6 I have) that I could get to work with me. Sinful Colors I love You is a purple glitter in a clear base. I tried it by itself. I tried it over my Avon Grey. I tried it over my favorite blue, and nothing looked right. Most looked pretty messy and juvenile. I finally, though, found a solution. Thanks to Black Friday and The Cincinnati BearCats game.

In the midst of buying toys at Meijer for the millions of little relatives (ok- three) that I need to buy for this year, I made my brother make a detour to the nail polish, where I found Rimmel LycraWear on Clearance. I picked up a black satin that I could quickly use to make my nails black for UC spirit. (the all black nails worked well, but I don't like the Lycra Wear as much as I used to.) Then, this morning, frustrated with crappy manis for the last four days, I decided to try I Love You again, this time over the black. And it actually worked.

What do you think?

Camera update: ( I got the new one, but I am still missing a memory card, because I thought it would take the same as I have now because it is just a newer version of the same camera... So, in short, pictures will be better soon.)


Nakesha said...

I really like that!

gildedangel said...

I love that color, it's gorgeous!