Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First an apology.

It has been a really tough year. Wedding planning took up more time and energy than I ever wanted it to, but now that we are two weeks out, I am revitalized and ready to throw myself into the blog again. Hopefully, I will be able to pull some readers back.

A quick rundown of events of the last six months.

1. My nails were tired, rundown, chipped and they just weren't holding polish.
2. I planned a wedding and will be getting married in two weeks!
3. My fiance fell at work and has been off, had surgery, and has been in a cast.
4. His work fought the claim, so we have been on one income the last two months (two months before the wedding)
5. We have to prepare for a hearing now and dealing with a lawyer right before the wedding.

So basically it was like a mini-bout of depression, without the depressed mood. I've been handling it all pretty well, but I have had to just deal with it and not have any time or money for distractions, now I am slowly getting back to my normal self and I am ready to start blogging again.