Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nail 9-1-1

So because I've been sleeping ALOT to rest up my body so it can fight against the dangers of Kidney stones. I have been setting my phone/alarm on silent except for alarm. AKA "Alarm Only" but one day this week, it was accidentally set to "Silent", which meant no alarm, and I slept in until 7:53, which meant I had all of 22 minutes to get ready and arrive at work (15 minutes away).

Normally I can pull this off in a pinch, however, I had fallen asleep after a nail fiasco involving Icing Lucky Luis, which I couldn't even capture and won't wear again. But what's left of it can be seen above.

So, regrettably, I had to arrive at work with the nails from H-E-L-L. But on the way out of the door, I grabbed a bottle of nail polish remover with about two drops left in it, and China Glaze Flying Dragon and Orly Prima Gloss Gold. And since I have my own office now, I was able to spare about 20 minutes to do the best I could to cover it up/clean it up and look presentable.

And since I didn't have but two drops of remover left, I had no way of cleaning up, which as you can tell from previous pictures could have been a disaster. Regardless, I managed to pull something off that actually turned out ok. And looks cool and unique enough to share here.

So please don't judge me based on the grossness, and instead see the beauty in a quickie-at-work mani that saved the day.

 I used three coats of Flying Dragon, but chose it because it dries super fast. And then I covered it with Prima Gloss: 1. because my Seche Vita is running low and is no longer efficient, and 2. Because I thought it would work out.

It did.


gildedangel said...

Flying Dragon is gorgeous! Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do!